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Tiffany Welker

I grew up very Empathic even though I didn't really know that word at the time or even what it was I was doing or feeling. I always felt a little different or that I could tell how people were doing even when they were wearing their masks and sometimes I would just stare like I was hearing them tell me their secrets. I found myself feeling like I didn't fit anywhere but I also could fit in just about anywhere with just about everyone. I would have dreams or feelings that would later come true and I found random people would just tell me their most personal secrets and vent to me asking my opinion. I've always been a very straight forward person speaking from the heart and from my own truths. Generally I am correct. Call it a feeling or a vibe or empath or experience or pattern seeing. Whatever it is you might not like what I have to say. I do Tarot readings and Oracle Readings.

Tiffany (Loretta): About
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