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Can you do readings over the phone or video? and how?

Yes! I connect to energies and because of the energy of the universe I can connect with you anywhere in the world, although I prefer to use a video chat so we can see each other face to face.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

The cool thing about energy reading is that its not me giving you the reading its the universe and I am just giving you the message. I'd rather you not give any information before the reading so that the universe can validate it for you. At the beginning of the reading I will connect to your energy field and then after that what ever message comes through.

If I live in Utah can I do a reading in person?

Yes, we do have an office space for readings and massage in Salt Lake City.

Can I have additional people at my reading?

Yes, You may have people come for support however the energy I am connecting to needs to stay focused on the one person. Additional people may book readings or back to back time slots and we also have group readings schedules available.

Are you a real medium?

Crys (Lorenzo) has put in over 20 years of work (listed in his bio) learning how to channel his given gifts your confirmation will come in your reading.

How can I learn about my gifts?

With our subscriptions you will have access to blogs and forums and all the latest info on retreats and other educational courses.

I'm desperate and just paid for a reading but I need an answer today.

If there are no spots available on the schedule we do have alternate readers we can set you up with. If you have a subscription you can have access to our blogs and forums to communicate with others that may have some answers for you.

Do you ever do free readings?

No, we do not do free readings due to the energy and time it takes from us. On occasion we will send a message from the other side. We value the messages we send and our personal space and energy to provide the best readings possible at a very reasonable price.


Please refer to our policies page.
We do not offer refunds on readings, due to the time and energy spent during the readings. If you are unsatisfied with your reading we do understand your frustration however these are not a guaranteed service. It is an energy feeling.

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