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Crys Sacco

About Me

Crys Sacco is a native to Utah, is an enthusiastic person who has a yearning for getting people into the water.  One of his mottos is, “Let the Universe do the work.”

He began his studies as a young person in Ogden, Utah where he was teaching children how to swim.  A hopeful mother of a child with cerebral palsy came to him and Crys asked if he could get the child into the water. After several sessions he started seeing some amazing results.  Now, 21, the woman is walking with much ease.  This experience opened Crys’s eyes to the world of Aqua Therapy and Energy Work.
He began his formal studies at Myotherapy College of Utah where he completed a 780-hour program in massage and Energy work, he is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Utah, USA.  He studied with Harold Dull, the founder of Watsu and has become certified in the technique.  
As a part of his many facets, he developed an adaptive swim school

which he has owned for several years.  wanted to give girls a chance to play a contact sport, so he co-founded the first all-girls tackle football league in the United States. He served as the President of the league for four successful football seasons.
Crys uses his bodywork skills in the water with his clients, working with children who have cerebral palsy, brain and spinal cord injuries, and many other neurological disorders. He also works with people who have a fear of the water, who have unique needs such as autism or who are living with physical challenges.  He has had many clients walk despite the odds they were given after they were told they would never walk.

He has traveled to different to other States and Countries to help children with cerebral palsy overcome obstacles.

Crys, has been been teaching and studied Reiki and Energy Work for several years. He has also been doing readings and channeling Energy from the other side for people who have crossed over since he was little, he developed his gift at Birth when he got stuck in his Mother's womb at Birth and had a near death experience with his Mother and remembered being born and he would say being born is harder than the death process. Crys has seen color's and chakras since he was little and thought everyone had seen the color's and later his Mom told him that not everyone see's color's and auras. Crys did not like that news and wanted to explore more about his gift's and became his own sceptic. Crys later reached out to eye doctor's to help him understand the color's he had been seeing, the color's had looked like the Northern Lights he had described and the Doctor's didn't have an explanation for what he had seen. Finally Massage School had led him to learning about Energy Work and Reiki. When Crys learned about the gift of the Universal Life Flow Energy. Crys later learned that he wasn't crazy and made the decision to teach it to the world. 
Crys holds certifications as a Water Safety Instructor, (WSI), American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor, American Red Cross Babysitting Training Instructor and he is certified in Watsu, Reiki Energy Master as well as SGE Starguard Instructor. 

Crys (Lorenzo): About
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