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How do I Smudge My House?

Sage burning helps to get rid of negative energy and gives you a fresh start. It cleanses the aura. Shamans use palo santo, which means "stick of the saints." Palo santo originates in South America and is one of my favorite ways to "clean" my aura, home, etc. You can light sage or palo santo there is a window open so the negativity you are cleansing has an exit out of your home. Burn sage or palo santo, or "smudge," as people call it, is when you get a new home. Other suggested times to smudge is at the end of a long day, especially if you work with a lot of people, after hosting a party, etc. The point is to make sure you and your home aren’t holding onto anything that does not serve you.

We do sale SAGE handmade with our homemade smudge kit on our website.

Crys Sacco

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